Get Involved

Corporate partnerships with ROLL101 are individually and uniquely designed to be mutually beneficial. Corporate Australia can play a significant leadership role in helping us achieve our objectives, and we want you to benefit from the partnership too.

Join a special group of people who are working wonders every day as part of the ROLL101 Team. The ROLL101 Team is a virtual team of passionate people who are participating in events, challenging themselves and raising money to provide the best possible health for every child, in every family and in every community. You can become a ROLL101 volunteer and start raising money in your local community. The way you raise funds is limited only by your imagination. If you'd like to fundraise in your community, email us at or call us on 0404 461 258.

You can also fundraise online by creating your very own fundraising web page, emailing the link to your networks and friends, and asking them to sponsor you.

Workplace & Matched Giving

Workplace giving is one of the most effective ways to give, allowing employees to make regular, pre-tax contributions to support ROLL101.

An added benefit of workplace giving is that employees receive an immediate tax benefit without having to wait to the end of the financial year for their refund.  Total payroll deductions appear on the PAYG annual payment summary statement (previously known as the Group Certificate) so there is no need for the employee to keep receipts. Setting up workplace giving is an easy, low cost and administratively simple way for your company to demonstrate its commitment to the future of our children’s health and wellbeing. To find out if your company already participates in workplace giving please contact your payroll department and they will be able to help you.

Matched giving means employers may match their staff’s contributions. Every dollar donated comes from pre-tax income, so it's a win-win. Effectively, employees' contributions are doubled! And it's a great incentive for participation.

Benefits of workplace and matched giving:
  • Enhanced employee morale and retention through team work
  • Put corporate social responsibility values into action
  • Builds constructive not-for-profit relationships
  • Requires minimal work from payroll and is easy to set up

Small amounts in big packages: Even small payroll donations grow into constant, dependable charity funding when multiplied across an entire payroll. To find out more email