About Roll 101

ROLL 101 is a charity based trust set up by Chad Graham and his supporters to provide assistance to young people affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries.

Firstly, some background to Chad Graham himself. Chad, a very talented 16 year old motocross rider, was involved in a serious accident whilst practising in April 2007 at Bringelly. The accident resulted in a dislocated neck, leaving Chad a C5/C6 incomplete quadriplegic. Chad spent 6 weeks in hospital, and then went to the Royal Rehabilitation Centre at Ryde for a further 10 months of rehabilitation. Whilst in rehab, his family were contacted by the Starlight Foundation which offered to grant Chad a wish to assist in his recovery. The result was a fantastic weekend at the Phillip Island Moto GP in October 2007, where Chad had the opportunity to spend time with the Ducati Racing Team and meet his hero, Casey Stoner. This experience had a profound and ongoing effect on Chad - it instilled in him a steely determination to achieve as much as he could for himself, to endeavour to overcome all personal obstacles in a positive way and also, to try and assist others impacted by similar circumstances to himself. 

Once he returned home from rehab, Chad returned to school and finished his HSC, completed a traineeship in business management, obtained his driver’s licence and obtained part time employment as a spare parts interpreter at Western Motorcycles Penrith. At the same time Chad renewed his enthusiasm in sport – water skiing, rowing, target shooting and off road driving are just a few of the activities Chad has been involved in over recent years. In these pursuits Chad has been greatly supported by his father, Peter. A talented and skilled engineer, Peter has been able to design, construct and install an impressive range of equipment and modifications to enable Chad to pursue these activities. Chad is regularly invited to return to the Royal Rehabilitation Centre to give motivational talks, show his adapted vehicle, present videos of his activities and to reinforce the message that anything is possible and that the world doesn’t end just because you’re in a wheelchair. 

This work and his personal determination to achieve as much as he could for himself and others led to the establishment of ROLL 101 in 2014. The name is the combination of ‘ROLL’ – to reflect Chad’s wheelchair status and to symbolise the momentum the organisation hopes to create. ‘101’ - his motocross racing number, and Chad’s hope that they can help at least 1, hopefully 101 or even 101,000 others impacted by serious injury or illness. Chad is acutely aware of the financial barriers created for young individuals and their families in responding to these circumstances. The vision of ROLL 101 is to develop an Australian support organisation for young people seriously affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries, and to increase public awareness of the effects on young people of chronic/terminal illness and catastrophic injuries. Roll 101 is committed to provide practical and emotional support to young people seriously affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries and, as much as is possible, to direct 100% of funds raised by ROLL 101 to this purpose.

One of the main ways that ROLL 101 will raise funds is through ‘Chad’s Challenges’ – a series of  inspirational and challenging activities Chad will undertake to help to achieve his and ROLL 101’s goals.

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